hakkimizdaIt’s Yayla’s nature to offer the best…

In addition to the inner qualities of the brand, an aesthetically pleasing outer appearance is needed. The brand YAYLA holds a leading position in the market thanks to its quality, aesthetically pleasing packaging and PR work. YAYLA values customer opinion, tailoring and designing its product palette according to customer wishes. We introduce our new products through advertising and continually impress our customers with a wide variety of delicious new options. As a family-based company, YAYLA expands its commercial network through professional management, not only in Europe but also in other growing markets worldwide. Our intercontinental distribution network extends over 18 merchants and their employees in other sales organisations.

The brand YAYLA, which previously appealed mainly to the tastes of Turkish migrants, now introduces the world to traditional Anatolian specialities and the rich variety of flavours in Turkish cuisine. We know that trained personnel is the basis for quality production, customer service and customer satisfaction. YAYLA regularly informs its employees and managers about current developments. The professional training of new, upcoming young employees is also an investment in our society’s future. YAYLA has developed a franchise system and wants to motivate its representatives through merchant meetings in a pleasant atmosphere, informing them of the latest company goals in order to reach its highest goal – customer satisfaction.