Anneler Departmanı


YAYLA mothers are given a voice in the company effective immediately and can actively participate in product development and innovation.

Mothers in Focus

At YAYLA, both female employees and the mothers and wives of male employees have always played a role in the processes of quality assurance and product development. The company now wants to institutionalize this involvement and focus the brand more strongly on the needs of mothers. Fulya Yasemin from YAYLA cuts straight to the heart of the matter: “YAYLA has a strong bond with mothers. We want to expand upon this and intensify it through active communication.”

Through intense market research, long-standing partner agency BEYS Marketing & Media in Berlin has developed an in-depth communication strategy that leads off the beaten path of the industry and marks a new beginning for YAYLA’s customer relations. Burhan Gözüakca von BEYS: “Of course we’re not the first to come up with the idea of assigning mothers a central role in communication. The difference is that we’re not serving any hackneyed clichés but focusing our measures more strongly than nearly any other food brand has ever dared.”

New Campaign

The campaign launches with an elaborate 60 second TV spot in which the secret to YAYLA’s success is revealed. The “tour” depicts various company testing stations run by YAYLA mothers. A casting show for dairy cattle is just one of the extraordinary concepts that humorously exaggerates the meticulous care shown by the mothers.

In addition, online and offline measures recruit mothers to apply for voluntary positions in the “YAYLA ANNELER DEPARTMANI”. Regular meetings and a range of feedback mechanisms will transform this virtual department into an important instrument for customer satisfaction, quality assurance and innovation at YAYLA.